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Born in Seville in 1975, he moved to Barcelona in 1998, where he currently lives. During his first three years of residence in Barcelona he studied Cinematography and Film Camera Operator in Central Film Studies of Catalonia (CECC) (1998-2000), combining studies and work as a second assistant camera in films and spots.
His professional career began in 1995 as a Trainee camera with the prestigious cinematographer Fernando Arribas. He studied Image and Sound in his hometown and TV operator in the Centro Sperimentale in Rome (Italy). Since then he has participated in a great number of projects, as a second and later as a first assistant camera, including fifteen films such as “Como un relámpago” by Miguel Hermoso (1996), “Alas Rotas” by Carlos Gil (2001 ), “Mónica” by Eduard Cortés (2003) “Tirant lo Blanc” by Vicente Aranda (2006), “The Limits of Control” by Jim Jarmusch (2008), “Entre Lobos” by Gerardo Olivares and “Ondine” by Neil Jordan (2008) among others. During this period he had the opportunity to collaborate with many  Directors of photography.
He has also worked and collaborated in a special way with the Australian Cinematographer Christopher Doyle on many occasions.
Simultaneously in 2001 he began his career as a cinematographer of numerous short films, music videos and commercials. He has won awards for BestPhotography, in 2006 with the short film “Gallos” at the “Festival de Mataro” and in 2009 at Girona Festival with the short film “Que demonios ocurre?” Best photography in 2013 for the short film “Sonata” at the annual Greenville international Film Festival and Best photography in 2014 for the short film “La otra cena” at the Tangier international film festival.  He has worked as a Director of Photography in four documentaries “Tramuntana” by Cesar Pesquera,  “The secret of  Dr Grinberg” by Ida Cuellar, “Ananta Needa” by Ida Cuellar and “Santa Ana” by Cesar Pesquera.  He also has worked in seven films, Zulo by Carlos M.Ferrera (Special Jury Mention at the Festival of Sitges and nominated for the Festival of Madrid), “La Sombra del Sol” by David Blanco (Audience Prize at the Festival de Málaga 2011 ZONAZINE) Codi 60 by Carlos M. Ferrera, and La Lapidación de San Esteban (Fipresci valladolid 2012) by Pere Vila i Barceló, “La fosa” by Pere Vila i Barceló, “Rey Gitano” by Juanma Bajo Ulloa, “La Jauria” by Carlos M. Ferrera.